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Magnet Poster

This giant 12" × 24" white magnetic poster has dozens of uses: make magnetic vehicle signs, huge calendars, message boards, signs, banners and much more. Use the included wash-off marker or decorate with vinyl adhesive letters, permanent markers, screen print inks, paints, or lettering enamels. It sticks to most metal surfaces making it ideal for home, office or shop.


Flexible Magnet Poster & Magnet Maker

Part # 08503      Price: $11.95
12 " x 24" x .030" thk.

Magnet Maker

Create your own message board with this 8" × 11" white magnetic sheet. The Magnet Minder is easily cut with scissors and decorated, or used as is . Use the included wipe-off marker to create calendars, to-do lists, recipes and more. Then stick'em on your refrigerator, locker, filling cabinet.... almost any metal surface !


magnet maker
Part # 07060       Price: $29.99
24" x 48" x .030" thk.

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