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Magnetic Flexible Strip
  • Uncoated flexible magnetic strip ( without adhesive backing ) is magnetic on one side only. To use, affix either a computer generated or handwritten adhesive-backed label with product information to the non-magnetic ( grooved ) side.
  • Adhesive Backed flexible magnetic strip can be used to make and paper labels or other inventory tracking devices instantly magnetic . Simply attach the adhesive side of the magnet to the back of the label. Once labels are magnetic, it's easy to relocate them as often as inventory is moved. No more hassles of removing sticky labels!

Standard Widths: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 3"
(+/-.015"<2"widths > +/- .030")
Standard Thickness: .030" .060" .125"
Standard Roll Length: 200ft. 100ft. 50ft

Also available in .045" or .085" thickness
(Note: Tighter tolerances can be achieved in some instances at customer request.)

A variety of high quality laminations in the form of vinyl and pressure sensitive adhesives are available that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side of the strip. Strip is also available with no laminate (uncoated).

Vinyl Features

  • Will not crack when material is flexed
  • Excellent weather resistance to rain, snow, and summer heat

Vinyl Choices

  • White
  • Colors - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Gold, Brown, Ivory, Silver
  • White on magnetic (strong) side, adhesive on the other

Adhesive Choices
(all provided with peel off liner)

  • Rubber-Based Craft Adhesive (indoor & craft applications)
  • Rubber-Based High Tack Adhesive (outdoor applications)
  • Rubber-Based Foam Adhesive (adheres to uneven or porous surfaces)
  • Acrylic-Based Adhesive (indoor/outdoor for adhering to plastics or soft vinyl)
  • Acrylic-Based Foam Adhesive (adheres to textured, porous, and plastic or vinyl surfaces)

Magnet-to-Magnet Applications

  • 1/2" wide x .060" thick strip with Side A (smooth) and Side B (grooved middle) that match up with even pole spacing for magnet-to-magnet applications. For example, tradeshow displays and storm windows. Comes with acrylic adhesive on the back.

(Note: Not interchangeable with existing systems.)

Custom Processing Capabilities

  • We can cut, score, or score-cut any roll of flexible strip material to the length that your application requires. Consult your sales specialist to have cut piece yield estimates calculated.


  • High-speed, computer calibrated cutting equipment cuts full rolls to lengths as small as 1/2" with a tolerance of +/- .060".


  • Specialized scoring machines make a precise cut through the adhesive liner and into the magnet at even intervals along the entire length of a roll with a tolerance of +/- .060". Pieces can then be snapped off the roll at the desired length. Tighter tolerances are attainable on shorter cuts.


  • Sophisticated score-cutting equipment makes a calculated cut through the magnet side, up to the paper liner at even intervals along the entire length of a roll with a tolerance of +/- .060".


  • Our strip is typically shipped in a plain brown box, however, we can private label your product in a shrink wrap pack, a header bag, a counter display box, or on a blister card.


  • The most popular thickness of magnetic strip is .060" because it provides a substantial amount of strength for most strip applicati

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